With experience in a multitude of commercial and industrial markets, Titan has completed hundreds of projects across the country including:

Power Plants
Water Treatment
Industrial Facilities
High Rise Structures
Parking Garages

Reinforcing steel is powerful and so is Titan. It is one thing to say we have the resources and capability to handle thousands of tons of rebar and some of the largest and most complex projects in the nation; it is another altogether to have a veteran army of hundreds of ironworkers standing ready to march at our client's command.
From towering skyscrapers and complex nuclear facilities to city bridges and massive stadiums, Titan has strengthened the country with rebar placement for over eight years. This extensive experience and proven skill has developed Titan's reputation for quality placement and turnkey reinforcing work from coast to coast.
Titan drives each project with a fierce determination and passion for making it cheaper, faster, and safer while still holding to the highest of quality standards. Titan continually works to develop a championship team of ironworkers throughout the country that will consistently deliver high quality service without compromising safety.