MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility
Shaw AREVA MOX Services, LLC

May '07 - June '10

MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility

Aiken, South Carolina

The Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility, located in the Department of Energy's 310 square mile Savannah River Site, is to be a major component in the United States' program to dispose of surplus weapons-grade plutonium. Upon completion, the MOX facility and its associated support facilities will consist of nearly 600,000 square feet.

The three story main structure consists of approximately 35,000 tons of reinforcing steel, primarily made up of #11 and #7 reinforcing bars. In addition to a traditional placing scope of approximately 13,199 tons and 9,600 lenton couplers, Titan was also a vital component to the construction planning, design and IIF safety process during Titan's first foray into the NQA1 nuclear world.